Cathie Matthews

Cathie Matthews has been an Early Years teacher for over 30 years and has worked in International schools in South East Asia since 1994. She currently teaches 5 and 6 year olds at UNIS Hanoi. Although a ‘veteran’ teacher, she often feels like a ‘novice’ when it comes to keeping up with the fast pace of technology! However, Cathie has embraced the challenge and in just a few short years has emerged from having a ‘non-techie’ mindset into a wannabe geek. She now uses much of her spare time tweeting and making global connections with other like-minded educators. Cathie is also an IB PYP workshop leader. Through her workshops, she aims to inspire ‘non-techie’ teachers to develop confidence to grow their geeky-ness! Cathie believes if she can become a networked educator, anyone can!

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