Alex Bunting

Title: Teacher – HS Science

Email: – Twitter: @mrabunting

School: Saigon South International School

Bio: Alex Bunting is from Nottingham UK. He has taught middle school science and high school physics for the past eight years in both the UK and Vietnam. He is also head of the grade 10 advisory program at SSIS. Alex is a COETAIL student (course five now), a Google Certified Teacher (Level 2) and will be a Google Certified Trainer in the near future. Alex utilizes technology in his classroom on a day to day basis, with uses from simple activities using simulations and collaborative data collection to use of his own Lets Physics That website to build student choice into his lessons. His hobbies include programming, gaming, and travel. One day he hopes to mix these hobbies together with his teaching career to make the ultimate job.

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